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Britain Moves to Ban Pakistani Taliban

Visiting British Home Secretary Theresa May exchanges copies of agreements regarding bilateral issues - including cooperation in the war against terrorism - with Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik in Islamabad, Pakistan, Oct 26, 2010 (File Photo)

The British government has moved to designate the Pakistani Taliban as a terrorist group, a move that would make membership in and fundraising for the organization illegal in Britain.

British Home Secretary Theresa May introduced the order Tuesday, saying it was a tough, but necessary step in the fight against terrorism. She said the move is not a course of action the British government takes lightly.

May said the order means membership in the Tehrik-e-Taliban group would be a criminal offense, and that the group cannot operate lawfully in the country.

The order must now be approved by Parliament.

Tehrik-e-Taliban is based in Pakistan and closely linked with al-Qaida. The group has claimed responsibility for attacks within Pakistan and has threatened attacks in the U.S. and Europe.

Britain has banned 46 groups as terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida, under its Terrorism Act 2000.

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