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British Court Frees Former Bosnian Muslim President

A British court has ruled that former Bosnian President and Muslim wartime leader Ejup Ganic should not be extradited to Serbia, where he is wanted on suspicion of war crimes. The judge said there was no new evidence, the request amounted to an abuse of the process of the court and that Ganic is now free to leave Britain.

"They somehow misused the system here and kept me here for five month and created the fog that there is something," said Ganic. "There is nothing."

Serbia accused Mr. Ganic of war crimes during the bitter Bosnian war. He is accused of ordering an attack in 1992 on an army convoy of the former Yugoslavia as it retreated from Sarajevo. Serbia says more than 40 troops were killed.

The judge ruled there was no justification for trying Mr. Ganic. He also accused Belgrade of using the proceedings for political purposes.

The Serbian prosecutor said he would have to review the judge's ruling. He denied there was any political motivation and vowed to appeal.

Ganic family members were jubilant to have won the case, and plan to head home to Sarajevo. Mr.Ganic says the only revenge he has is to teach his university students to be good leaders.