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Brothers of US Abduction Suspect Disown Him

The two brothers of the U.S. man accused of abducting three women and sexually assaulting them over the last decade are disowning him and say they had no idea what he was doing.

In an interview with CNN aired Monday, Onil Castro called his brother Ariel Castro a "monster" and said he hopes "he rots in that jail." It was a sentiment a third brother, Pedro Castro, said he agrees with.

Onil and Pedro Castro were arrested the same day as Ariel last week, but police in Cleveland, Ohio cleared them and said they had nothing to do with kidnapping the women off city streets from 2002 to 2004 and holding them captive in Ariel's house. One of the women, Amanda Berry, dramatically escaped with her daughter a week ago, and then police rescued the other two women, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

Now, the 50-year-old Ariel Castro is being held on an $8 million bond, facing four counts of kidnapping and three rape charges. Authorities say DNA tests show that he is the father of Berry's child, born six years ago in his house.

Pedro Castro said if he had known what his brother was doing, he would have reported it to police. The women were held in separate rooms in Ariel's house, and Pedro noted that he and Onil never went past the kitchen, with the rest of the house blocked off with curtains. Pedro said a television or radio was always on to block sounds.

Pedro said he is grateful the women have been freed, and that "I'd just tell them I'm sorry what Ariel done."

Onil recounted that when he saw his brother Ariel while both were held in the same jail last week, Ariel said, "Onil, you're never going to see me again. I love you, bro."