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'Burka Avenger' Protects Women's Rights

A masked crusader is taking over Pakistan and she’s not your average superhero.

An intelligent schoolteacher by day, an enemy of injustice by night, the Burka Avenger fights Taliban-like extremists for women's rights and education.

The superhero’s name is Jiya, who conceals her identity in a burka -- the full-body cloak worn by some Muslim women.

The Burka Avenger was created by Pakistani pop star Haroon Rashid.

"I was reading a lot of press reports about girl's schools being shut down by extremist elements, so I sort of conceived this idea of the main protagonist defending the girl's school," Rashid said, explaining how the character came to be. "But I didn't want her to be perceived as anti-Islamic, and so if the main heroine is wearing a burka, she is obviously a Muslim."

The Burka Avernger can now only be seen on Pakistani television.