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Burma Among World's 3 Most Corrupt Nations

An international anti-corruption group says military-ruled Burma is one of the three most corrupt countries in the world.

A report released by Transparency International Tuesday shows Burma tied with Afghanistan as the world's second most corrupt country. Somalia is rated the most corrupt among the 178 nations on the list.

Last year, the Berlin-based group rated Burma the world's third most corrupt nation.

Papua New Guinea [154], Laos [154], Cambodia [154], the Philippines [134] and East Timor [127] are among the bottom third of nations on this year's list. Countries lower on the list are deemed more corrupt than those higher up.

Australia is rated the eighth least corrupt nation in the world this year, while Singapore and New Zealand are tied with Denmark for the number one spot, reserved for the world's least corrupt country.

Vietnam [116], Indonesia [110], Thailand [78], and China [78] are among the middle third of countries on Transparency International's list this year. Malaysia [56], South Korea [39], Brunei [38], Bhutan [36], Taiwan [33], Japan [17] and Hong Kong [13] are ranked among the top third.

Transparency International noted an improved score this year for Bhutan, which moved to 36th place from 49th place on last year's list.