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California Bracing for Tough Fire Season

  • VOA News

FILE - A fire rages near homes in San Marcos, California May 15, 2014.
California Governor Jerry Brown says his state is getting ready for what could be its “worst” wildfire season to date, even as better weather has allowed firefighters to take control over several blazes that broke out in the southern part of the state last week.

Brown told ABC television Sunday that global warming is to blame for the worsening conditions. He also said people have to be more careful how they live, how they build their homes, and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow.

Extreme drought, low humidity and high winds led to a number of fires in San Diego County last week. Those fires destroyed dozens of homes and forced tens of thousands of people to flee with little notice. At least one death was reported.

Damage is estimated at more than $20 million.

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