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Canada Arrests Two in Alleged al-Qaida Supported Terror Plot

Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews arrives to speak to journalists about the arrest of two men in an alleged teror plot, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Apr. 22, 2013.
Authorities in Canada say they have arrested and charged two residents with conspiring to carry out an al-Qaida-supported terrorist attack against passenger trains.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced Monday that, with the help of U.S. authorities, they were able to arrest Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser, from the Montreal and Toronto areas respectively.
The police said in a statement that while they believe the suspects had the "capacity and intent" to carry out an attack, there was no imminent threat to the general public, train employees, passengers or railway infrastructure.
Investigators also said that the two suspects allegedly were focusing on passenger trains in Toronto and that the plot was not linked to last week's bombing attack at the Boston Marathon in the United States.

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