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Cat Eats $1,000 Worth of Seafood at Russian Gift Shop

Cat Eats Over $1,000 Worth of Seafood at Russian Shop
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Watch video footage of the cat burglar.

An amateur video taken at Russia's Vladivostok international airport revealed the culprit behind about $1,000 worth of stolen or damaged seafood from a shop there: A stray cat.

The video, taken by an airport staffer, showed the red furry cat sampling a variety of expensive seafood ranging from dried flounder to smoked squid.

Airport police conducted a search to find the little thief but could not track it down.

Workers at other airport shops and cafes reported to local media that that cat has been seen coming and going for some time in search of food.

Meanwhile, the video was turned over to TV station RIA Prima Media and ended up on the Internet where it has gone viral, earning more than 500,000 views in two days.

RIA Prima Media reported that workers of the airport cafes said
the cat comes from time to time in search for food and disappears with whatever he can find. His visits become more frequent in winter.

The video has prompted several people inquire as to how they can find the cat so they can adopt it.