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Challenge Issued to Find Defense Against Cyberattacks

  • George Putic

DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge logo.
In two years the world may have an automated system that could instantly discover and neutralize hackers’ attacks against government, corporate or private computers.

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, issued a challenge to all computer security experts saying current shields are inadequate, while patches are implemented only after some damage has been done.

Hackers steal information, erase memories and disrupt operations, costing billions of dollars in lost data and expenses for plugging the system’s holes.

Cyberattacks are also seen as a major concern in the quest towards integration of all devices, cars and homes into a network known as ‘the Internet of things.’

More than 30 teams from academia, industry and private groups will compete for a prize of $3.75 million. The final competition will be held in 2016, at the time of the DEF CON, one of the world’s largest computer security conferences.

DARPA periodically challenges scientific community to find solutions for difficult problems, such as building autonomous vehicles or robots that can independently operate in emergency situations.