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China Calls for More Anti-Terror Cooperation

FILE - Paramilitary policemen stand in formation as they pay tribute to the Monument to the People's Heroes on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, November 2013.
China is calling for more international anti-terrorism cooperation following last month's deadly incident in Tiananmen Square.

The SITE monitoring service, which tracks militant Islamic forums, said late last week that the Turkestan Islamic Party posted an audio speech in which its purported leader, Abdullah Mansour, warned of more attacks against China

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang responded Monday by saying the speech proves the terrorist nature of the organization and makes the truth clear about the incident in Tiananmen Square.

He added the Turkestan Islamic Party is actually the East Turkestan Islamic Movement [ETIM], which Beijing has blamed for the incident.

Last month, China called it an act of terror when three minority Uighurs from western China's autonomous Xinjiang region rammed a car into an entrance of the Forbidden City and set the vehicle on fire, killing themselves and two pedestrians.

China has blamed ETIM for a series of attacks on government targets in Xinjiang in recent years.

Ethnic Uighur groups say Beijing is exaggerating the ETIM terror threat in order to justify its harsh policies against minority Uighurs, some of whom complain of government discrimination against their Islamic religion and culture.