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China Critical of UN Resolution on Syria

China has criticized a United Nations human rights resolution condemning Syria's deadly eight-month crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told reporters Wednesday that U.N. condemnation did not help solve Syria's problems. He said dialogue is the only way to protect human rights.

"We always believe that conducting constructive dialogue and cooperation is the only way to promote and protect human rights," he said. "Pressuring with a resolution drafted by certain countries doesn't help resolve the problem.''

China was among 41 nations to abstain from voting on a U.N. resolution that condemns what it describes as continued grave and systematic human rights violations by Syria.

Liu Weimin also welcomed the formation of Libya's new government and acknowledged Libya's willingness to compensate Chinese companies for losses incurred during the unrest.

"We've noticed that the representatives from the Libyan transitional government, now the new government, have stated that the Libyan side is ready to compensate Chinese companies for their losses in Libya," Liu said. "We appreciate such positive remarks from the Libyan side and will continue to encourage Chinese enterprises to actively engage in the post-war reconstruction in Libya.''