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China Expels Military Leader From Party, Charges With Corruption

FILE - Guo Boxiong rubs his face during a session of the National People's Congress held in Beijing.

China has expelled 73-year-old military leader Guo Boxiong from the ruling Communist party, accusing him of corruption -- one of the most senior military figures to be taken down by President Xi Jinping's wide-reaching anti-corruption drive.

Chinese media say Guo was removed from the party on Thursday and handed over to military prosecutors, a move anticipated since he was put under investigation earlier this year.

He is expected to stand trial in a court system controlled by the Communist party, making for a likely conviction and jail sentence.

Guo is accused of taking bribes in exchange for military promotions. While Guo has been under investigation since April, his son Guo Zhenggang was put under investigation in March, accused of corruption and unspecified criminal activity.