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China Offers Rewards for Riot Informers

China has offered rewards to migrant workers who help identify participants in recent riots in southern city of Zengcheng.

The city's newspaper, the Zengcheng Daily, published a notice offering rewards to individuals who provide information on suspected rioters. The rewards include cash of up to $1,500, "outstanding migrant worker" titles, and workers residency permits for migrants that allow better access to schools, health care and other public services.

The notice in the daily called on city residents not to fall "under the influence of those seeking to incite and instigate."

Hundreds of workers rioted for three days last week to protest the alleged mistreatment of a pregnant migrant worker by security officials.

Hong Kong television showed images of protesters overturning police cars and riot police firing tear gas at the demonstrators. At least a dozen protesters were arrested.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.