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China's Meat Market Infested by Rats

A Chinese vendor reads as she waits for customers inside a butcher shop at a market in Beijing, Feb. 25, 2013.
Chinese consumers are reeling following the latest scandal to rock the country's food supply - a crime ring that passed off meat from rats as lamb.

Chinese police say they have arrested 63 people who allegedly ran the rat meat scam out of Shanghai and the coastal city of Wuxi. The arrests are part of a larger crackdown on fake or tainted meat that has resulted in the arrests of more than 900 people since the end of January.

Authorities have also confiscated more than 20,000 tons of meat product made from rats and other small mammals, as well as meat tainted with additives and chemicals.

Many Chinese have been venting their anger on microblogging sites like Sina Weibo.