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Chinese Police Say Boy Had Eyes Gouged Out By Aunt

Guo Bin lies on a bed in a hospital as he recuperates from an attack in the rural area of Linfen city that left him blind, in Taiyuan in northwest China's Shanxi province, Aug. 28, 2013.
Chinese state media said a six-year-old boy who had his eyes gouged out last month was likely attacked by his aunt, who later committed suicide.

Police believe Zhang Huiying attacked Guo Bin on August 24 while he was playing in a field in rural Shanxi province, where his parents work as farmers.

Investigators have not given a motive, but concluded that Zhang carried out the attack because they found the boy's blood on her clothes.

Police said she jumped down a well and died last Friday, bringing an apparent end to a gruesome case that shocked many in China.

Authorities initially said they believe the boy's eyes, which were found near the scene of the attack, were taken in a possible attempt to sell his corneas on the black market. But some police later rejected those reports.

State media say doctors plan to give the boy a pair of artificial eyes. His mother said some specialists believe they may be able to partially restore his vision with a visual prosthesis.

The China Daily said the operation would be performed for free by Hong Kong vision specialists. It also said the family has received over $130,000 in donations.

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