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Chinese Premier Spurs on Quake Rescue

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has visited the earthquake disaster zone in remote western China and promised to rebuild the devastated region. The death toll has risen to nearly 800 and the fight is now on to provide food, shelter and medical aid to the survivors.

On his trip to the quake area, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told survivors and rescuers the central government would make an all-out effort to rebuild devastated communities.

After he was helped over the rubble of collapsed buildings in Yushu County, Mr. Wen addressed scores of survivors and rescuers, with aides translating his words into Tibetan.

Mr. Wen says the survivors' pain and crisis is also the country's.

He says the country is grieving with the people, most of whom are Tibetan.

Wen says the rescue effort will be expanded and that the government will not give up hope of finding more people alive. Nearly 300 are missing and more than 11,000 were injured in Wednesday's earthquake.

Two days after the 6.9 quake struck the Tibetan mountain area in Qingahi Province, rescuers and area residents continued to scour wrecked buildings, listening for those trapped.

Monks can be seen working along side soldiers.

Rescue workers fear freezing nighttime temperatures may add to the final death count.