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Community College to University and Hoping for Med School in the States: Sisi's Story

A few months ago we published an article called, "Can International Students Attend American Medical School?," in which we learned how difficult it can be for international students to get admitted to American medical schools - and how many international students are determined to try for those few available spots. Our blogger Promise is one of those determined to keep working towards that goal. Commenter Sisi is another.

Sisi started in the U.S. as an intensive English student, then entered community college and is now getting ready to finish a Bachelor's degree. Studying pre-med. Here's the story Sisi told to us about that journey.
First, I took one semester learning English to familiarize with the new life style, choose which university or college to attend, and of course, improve my English. In the English program, I met people who were at the same boat as me; they all just came from a different country, and they don’t know yet how things work here. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet new friends from around the globe.

I had no idea what my major would be! I attended the community college which later became a state college; the community/ state college is less expensive than the university, has small classes, and also easier to enroll. Unlike the university, I did not have to take TOEFL or SAT. I only took the college test, passed it, and got in.

I took general classes which all majors should take like English and Math. Later, I knew that I wanted to be a pediatrician after I talked to my advisor and professors who suggested that I should volunteer in a hospital. If someone is undecided about his/her major try to do volunteer work in the area that interests you. The college advisor will help you choose the classes you need for your major.

If international students want to get involved in the school, meet friends and also have something that will look good on their resume, Students should attend the college clubs and be part of them. Moreover, they may work on campus under 20 hours a week.

I will get my AA degree next semester and transfer to a university to finish my bachelor’s degree. I got accepted into the 2 universities I applied to. I am not sure which one to go to because the name of the program of the first university is Biology and the second program’s name is pre-med. I would prefer to do the pre-med one, but I don't know if other countries would accept it in case I was not admitted into an American medical school.

Yes I would love to finish in the USA because it is way easier for me, but I contacted many universities, and they told me that they do not accept international students even if they finished their pre-med in the USA. If you have a list of the universities who accept international students I would be very grateful!!!

[Editor's note: This is the closest thing we've found - please keep in mind that this information could have changed, so be sure to check with any school you're interested in applying to]

My advisor was not very helpful with this point because whenever I asked him, he only told me that I have to contact the medical schools to find out, and he does not know a lot about international students.

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