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Conflict for Reform, Freedoms in Middle East, North Africa

Conflict for Reform, Freedoms in Middle East, North Africa

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Special reports

Libya's Revolution

Protests are echos of those in Egypt, Tunisia that ended with leaders stepping down

Demonstrations in Yemen

Thousands of protesters call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down

Civil Unrest in Bahrain

Inspired by uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, demonstrators call for regime change

Syrian Unrest

Experts are concerned about repercussion of protests - whether successful or not - within this tightly-ruled and critical country

Upheaval in Egypt

After toppling President Hosni Mubarak, citizens wonder about their future

Cries for Reforms in Oman

Protests began in January with demands for more jobs, higher salaries, democratic reforms in Gulf state

Jordan's Monarchy Has its Troubles

Protests in a relatively open political environment largely triggered by high food, fuel prices

Protests in Saudi Arabia

Defying government, religious bans on protests, demonstrators rally around variety of causes

Uprising in Algeria

Sporadic protests have Algerians in streets demanding President Bouteflika leave office

Turmoil in Tunisia

A fragile process to create a new government has its problems

Eye on Lebanon

Compilation of key historical events and our coverage of the on-going political crisis

Protests in Other Countries of the Region

Political discontent spreads to Iran, Iraq, UAE, Morocco