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Conservatives Win Croatian Parliamentary Election

Andrej Plenkovic, center, leader of center-right HDZ party celebrates elections results at the party's headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, early Sept. 12, 2016.

Croatia's ruling conservatives have won the country's snap parliamentary elections, but did not take enough seats to rule without coalition partners.

Nearly complete results show the conservative Croatian Democratic Union - HDZ - winning 61 seats in the 151- member parliament.

The liberal Social Democrats finished next, winning 54 seats, followed by the Most (, or Bridge,) Party with 13 seats.

That leaves HDZ trying to negotiate mainly with Most in order to form a ruling majority.

This is the second time in less than a year that Croatia had to hold an early election after the parliament was dissolved and the government collapsed.

The previous right-wing government fell apart in June after less than six months in power over deadlocked talks on economic reforms.

Croatia, the newest European Union member, is struggling with one of the EU's weakest economies, including low annual growth and high unemployment.

Political analysts are not holding out much hope that a new government will make any progress in solving the country's problems.