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Coroner Confirms Charred Body is Alleged LA Cop Killer

Photo of Christopher Dorner released by Los Angeles police department
A California coroner's office confirms that the charred remains found in the ruins of a burned cabin is that of fugitive ex-policeman and murder suspect Christopher Dorner.

Dorner was on the run for a week before he stole a truck Tuesday, drove into the mountains north of Los Angeles, and barricaded himself in the cabin.

He killed a deputy sheriff during the shootout with police. San Bernadino County Sheriff John McMahon said a pyrotechnic tear gas canister shot into the cabin caused the fire, which he said was unintentional.

Dorner allegedly killed three other people before Tuesday's shootout, including the daughter of a former Los Angeles police captain.

Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles police in 2008 for what officials say was falsely accusing a fellow officer of kicking a suspect in the face.

He wrote in a long online manifesto last week that he would wage "unconventional" warfare on the L.A. police until it stated what he said was the truth about why he was fired.

Dorner, an African-American, insisted his story was true. He also accused Los Angeles officers of racism.