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Costa Rica: No Rival for Presidential Vote

Luis Guillermo Solis, presidential candidate of the Citizen's Action Party waves during a campaign rally in San Jose, Costa Rica, Friday, April 4, 2014.
Costa Rica is voting for a new president, although the outcome is not in doubt.

Sunday is the runoff of the Central American nation's presidential election.

Former diplomat Luis Guillermo Solis is set to become the first third-party candidate to win the Costa Rican presidency in decades.

His opponent, Johnny Araya of the ruling National Liberation Party, dropped out of the race after Solis' popularity skyrocketed after the first-round vote.

The biggest challenge facing Solis Sunday is getting people out to the polls to cast their ballots.

Araya's name remains on the ballot because the constitution prevents him from withdrawing.

Solis was a member of the governing National Liberation Party, but became disillusioned and quit it in 2005.

Few had expected Solis to even make the second round of the presidential election in a country where politics have been dominated by only two parties.