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Couple Vows Hurricane Won’t Blow Beach Wedding

Ryan Gordon, left, and Jaime Gurnavage, plan to have a beach wedding in Florida Saturday despite Hurricane Matthew. They're shown in a photo posted in August on Gurnavage’s Facebook page.

Hurricane Matthew has forced evacuations, the cancellation of vacations, and left hundreds of thousands in the dark. But the storm won't stop one Florida couple's dream beach wedding.

Jaime Gurnavage and Ryan Gordon told the Florida Today newspaper that they chose their Saturday beach wedding for a reason. "Everything is engraved with the 8th of October," Gurnavage said. She added that they chose the date because the numeral 8, "when you set it on the side, it's the infinity symbol.''

The couple lives in nearby Suntree. Gurnavage says they still plan on having "some type of ceremony, whatever kind of ceremony that will be.''

The wedding was set to be held at the Ocean Landing Resort in Cocoa Beach.

Because Matthew spared south Florida, the couple should have smooth sailing for their honeymoon. They'll be vacationing in Key West, an island at the southwestern tip of the state.