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Biden Administration Won’t Require Shots for Federal Workers Returning to Offices

FILE - Kendria Brown, a nurse with DC Health, vaccinates a woman against COVID-19, May 6, 2021, near the Kennedy Center in Washington.

U.S federal workers will not be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to the office, according to guidance from the Biden administration released Thursday.

The guidance says federal agencies should base their reopening plans on the percentage of employees who are vaccinated, but said revealing vaccination status would be voluntary.

The guidance urged agencies to build in more flexibility for some workers, including more remote work and working outside normal business hours.

About 60% of the 4-million-person federal workforce has been operating remotely during the pandemic, Reuters reported.

Agencies are required to submit their plans for reopening by next week, the guidance stated, and they should be ready to implement the plans by July 19.

According to the guidance, agencies’ "eventual post-pandemic operating state may differ in significant ways from [their] pre-pandemic operating state."