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Honduran Protesters Prevent Burials of COVID-19 Victims

Funeral of former Honduras' President Rafael Callejas, in Tegucigalpa.

Hundreds of demonstrators in Honduras blocked roadways to prevent funeral processions carrying COVID-19 victims to cemeteries in their towns.

Protesters from nearly two dozen communities placed stones and tree branches across a highway east of the capital, Tegucigalpa, on Monday to prevent victims of COVID-19 from being buried in their towns. They say their concern is that family members of the deceased, who may themselves be infected, could bring the infection with them when they come to the local areas.

Protester Evelia Oliva lashed out at President Juan Orlando Hernández, saying

"We do not want him to send people to be buried into this cemetery because they are infected people. And here we have a lot of families and we do not want to get infected just because of him."

Deputy Minister of Health Roberto Cosenza said authorities will better inform the citizens about how the virus is spread and implement security measures to allow burials.

Honduras has reported just over 1,000 coronavirus cases and 82 deaths.