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Inmates in Argentina Riot Over Coronavirus Fears

Inmates riot from the roof of the Villa Devoto prison as they protest against authorities who they say are not doing enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus inside the jail in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 24, 2020.

A riot broke out on Friday at the Villa Devoto prison in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as inmates protested hygiene conditions and other shortcomings there amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Some were seen on the roof of the prison, holding handmade knives and spears. Some displayed a flag saying "Freedom” in Spanish.

According to authorities, prison officials have tried to establish a dialogue with the inmates.

In the recent weeks, Argentina has experienced an increase in prison protests.

More than 1,000 inmates from eight penitentiary facilities in the Buenos Aires province are on a hunger strike demanding the option of house arrest.

The highest Argentine criminal court recommended several days ago that lower courts grant those convicted of minor crimes alternative confinement options.