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Rio de Janeiro Blockades Going Up To Curb Quarantine Violations

Andrea Silva, 44, waits for the results of her father's COVID-19 test at the Marechal Hermes Urgent Care Unit amid the coronavirus pandemic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 6, 2020.

Rio de Janeiro Mayor Marcelo Crivella says the city will set up blockades Thursday in sections of the city where people have been ignoring quarantine restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Crivella said Rio has a problem with people gathering on sidewalks in densely populated business districts of Campo Grande, Santa Cruz and Bangu.

He said business operators have been reopening not long after they are closed by municipal guards.

Crivella said guards will now remain in the area and violators that reopen after they are closed risk being shut down.

The tightening restrictions come a day after the latest COVID-19 tally revealed Brazil's 125,218 cases leads all of Latin America and the Caribbean, with São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro provinces experiencing the worst of the outbreak.

So far, 8,574 people have died from the virus in Brazil.