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Critics Target Google-Verizon Plan for New Internet Regulation

A proposal by Google and Verizon to change the way the Internet is regulated is drawing strong opposition from consumer advocates.

The two companies have said content-creators should be allowed to pay to have their products delivered faster on the new wireless Internet, and to charge customers more for new wireless services that require large amounts of data.

Google and Verizon say it is fine to have all content treated equally on the traditional wired Internet, but they want more flexibility on the wireless system.

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Critics say the plan could lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers. One group, Free Press, said the proposal will destroy the Internet's contribution to economic growth and innovation.

Google and Verizon executives say their proposal would ensure adequate investment in the free Internet and its infrastructure.

It is not clear if any of the ideas favored by Google and Verizon will be adopted by the U.S. Congress, or regulators in the United States and other nations.

Google is the world's most widely used system for searching the Internet, while Verizon is a major telephone, wireless and Internet company.