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Croatia Issues Arrest Warrant for Former Prime Minster

Former Croatian prime minster Ivo Sanader talks during a news conference at the government building in Zagreb, (file photo - 01 Jul 2009)

Croatia has issued an international arrest warrant for former prime minister Ivo Sanader on corruption charges.

The Interior Ministry said Friday, Mr. Sanader left for Slovenia just before his immunity from prosecution expired.

An attorney claiming Mr. Sanader contacted him says he plans to return in three to four days after his planned business trip.

The government said Mr. Sanader is wanted for allegedly taking part in a criminal activity and abuse of power for personal financial gain.

A judge has already ordered Mr. Sanader to serve one month in jail.

Mr. Sanader is the first Croatian prime minister implicated in a corruption scandal.

He held the job for six years before resigning in 2009.