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Cruz Wins All 14 Delegates at Wyoming Republican Convention

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks at a campaign rally in Syracuse, New York, April 15, 2016.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz continued Saturday to erode front-runner Donald Trump's lead in the Republican presidential campaign, taking all 14 delegates at stake at the Wyoming state party's convention in Casper.

Cruz also was Wyoming's top candidate at the county conventions last month, when he took nine of the 12 available delegates.

Cruz's sweep Saturday represented a relatively small number of delegates, but the win helped the senator keep up his momentum aimed at denying Trump the ability to secure the nomination before the party's national convention.

A count by the Associated Press showed Cruz with 559 delegates and Trump with 742. It will take 1,237 delegates to secure the presidential nomination.

Wyoming's contest Saturday was the kind of party-run nominating contest that Trump has bitterly complained about in recent days. The New York businessman has struggled to compete in such contests, where political organizing and connections with party activists are keys to winning delegates.

Trump has performed better in contests decided at the ballot box, instead of caucus-style events run by party insiders with sometimes complex rules.

Republican Party leaders have brushed off Trump's contention that some contests are unfair, saying that the rules governing the events were decided months ago. They've blamed his poor performance on poor organization by his campaign.

Cruz attended the state convention in Casper. Trump spent the day campaigning in New York, which hosts the next primary on Tuesday.