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Cuba Plans to Expand Internet Access

Internet users go online with their smartphones using the first public Wi-Fi hotspot in Havana, Cuba, July 2, 2015.

The Cuban government has announced plans to expand Internet access by introducing Wi-Fi hotspots across the country and reducing the cost that Cubans pay to get online.

The move was announced last week in the Juventud Rebelde newspaper. The Cuban government had pledged to increase Internet access as part of talks aimed at normalizing relations with the United States.

A spokesman for Cuba's state communications company told the newspaper that 35 government computer centers will have Wi-Fi starting next month. He also said the price for one hour of Internet access will drop to $2, less than half the normal cost. The cost is still unaffordable for most Cubans.

Only a limited number of Cuban citizens have private Internet connections, which are not cheap. Foreigners can use the Internet at hotels, but also at steep prices.