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Curtis Roosevelt, Oldest Grandson of Former President Franklin Roosevelt, Dies at 86

From left, Jevgeni Dzjoegasjvili, Curtis Roosevelt and Winston Churchill , the grandsons of World War II leaders Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Curtis Roosevelt, the oldest grandson of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, has died at the age of 86.

Roosevelt died Monday at his home in Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard, France, from an apparent heart attack, Michelle Slung, his literary executor, told the Washington Post on Thursday.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum also posted a brief note Thursday about Roosevelt's death.

"The FDR Library and Museum mourns the loss of Curtis Roosevelt,” director Paul Sparrow said, according to the Post. “He was a wonderful writer, educator and a strong supporter of the library. As the oldest grandson of Franklin and Eleanor, he provided a unique perspective on their remarkable lives."

Roosevelt, a former United Nations officer, was the son of Anna Roosevelt Halstead, the only daughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

His 2008 memoir "Too Close to the Sun" chronicled his childhood growing up with the two political luminaries and the brief time he spent living at the White House with his mother and sister during Franklin Roosevelt's first term.