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Curved Screens, Wearable Technology Dominate Consumer Electronic Show

Curved Screens, Wearable Technology Dominate Consumer Electronic Show
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The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas traditionally starts off the year exhibiting the hottest technology trends, and this year is no different. The biggest buzz in the show this year is wearable tech and curved screens on televisions and mobile phones.

Visitors flock to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year for the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest events for technology enthusiasts and companies alike.

"It's both exciting and pretty terrifying because we're gonna see so many cool new things," said Will Findlater, who edits a British gadget magazine. "But at the same time, the show floor is absolutely massive. There's a lot of ground to cover and a lot of things to see."

Curved displays are one trend getting a lot of talk this year. They're on everything from televisions to mobile phones.

"Right now you can buy a curved TV, but if you can't decide if you want it flat or not, you can choose a flexible one," said Bridget Carey, who is with CNET, a consumer electronics website. "Curved is supposed to be a more immersive experience when it surrounds you. But maybe not everyone wants curved all the time."

Sony, Samsung, and LG all unveiled curved ultra-high definition televisions, with some models as big as 110 inches (279 centimeters).

Another hot emerging trend: wearable technology.

Sony, Intel, and others unveiled smart watches that interact wirelessly with your phone - and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a watch that connects with the BMW i3 electric car.

Carey says a smart watch is practical.

"It has apps now that can give you a quick glance at the sports score with an ESPN app. You can see who texted you, what calls you missed," she said.

Still, some warn that wearable technology may take a while before they become widely accepted.

“That's a big trend right now, and actually, even though smart watches will be kind of a buzz word, the reality is smart watches are years from taking off," said Tim Bajarin of Creative Technologies, Inc.

The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show runs until January 10.