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Cyclone Halts Air Search for Malaysian Jet

FILE - The Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Perth is guided into position by a Royal New Zealand Airforce aircraft as the search continues for Flight MH370, April 13, 2014.
A tropical cyclone in the southern Indian Ocean has forced pilots to suspend the aerial search for the missing Malaysian jetliner.

The Australian agency coordinating the search reports heavy seas and poor visibility Tuesday from Tropical Cyclone Jack.

But officials say 10 ships will be able to continue their search for debris from the missing Boeing 777.

Meanwhile, a robotic submarine has nearly completed scouring its target search area of the ocean floor.

The Australians say the Bluefin-21 vehicle has covered about two-thirds of the search zone and has not found anything unusual.

Authorities used signals from the plane's flight data recorder to determine the search area. But the batteries on the "black box" have since run out.

Malaysian authorities believe someone intentionally diverted the plane carrying 239 people as it was heading from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing March 8, but they refuse to rule out the possibility that the Malaysia Airlines jet experienced a major mechanical malfunction.