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Czech Supermodel Netolicka Found Dead in Bathtub

Supermodel Katerina Netolicka on the cover of the May-June 2014 issue of "Harper's Bazaar." (Harper's Bazaar)

Czech supermodel Katerina Netolicka on Thursday was found dead in her bathtub — along with her two dogs, also dead — in her apartment in Litvinov.

Police say Netolicka's brother became worried when she was not answering her telephone and found her body after breaking down the door.

Netolicka, 26, shared the apartment with her boyfriend, hockey player Jakub Petruzalek, who was in Russia when news of her death was reported.

Police have ordered an autopsy.

Friends said Netolicka suffered from depression and was prone to manic highs and lows. They described her as two different people.

Netolicka began her modeling career 10 years ago and was known for numerous fashion magazine covers and advertisements.

She was also a champion kickboxer, winning the Czech national championship last month.