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Two Suicide Blasts Rock Damascus

Syrian security forces cordon off the area following a reported suicide bombing at the old palace of justice building in Damascus, March 15, 2017.

Two separate suicide attackers blew themselves up Wednesday at different locations in Damascus, according to state television.

At least 25 people were killed during the first attack at the Palace of Justice, the main court building in Damascus, according to Syria’s official news agency. No other details were immediately available.

About two hours later, another suicide bomber exploded himself inside a restaurant in western Damascus. State TV reported several dead and wounded, but an exact number is not yet known.

The suicide bombings Wednesday come just less than a week after a similar attack on a Shi'ite Muslim cemetery that left at least 40 people dead and more than 120 wounded.

The attack was claimed by a Syrian al-Qaida affiliate. Most of those killed were Iraqi pilgrims, the British based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.