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Daughter Defends American Woman Killed in Syria

The daughter of an American woman killed in fighting in Syria insists her mother was "not a terrorist."

The body of Nicole Lynn Mansfield, a single mother from the midwestern city of Flint, Michigan, was recovered this week near the Syrian city of Idlib. Mansfield's body was found alongside that of a British Muslim man.

Syrian state media on Friday showed footage of a dead woman clad in a hijab and pictures of Mansfield's passport and driver's license. The report said she was part of an extremist rebel group caught in an ambush.

Mansfield's daughter, Triana Lynn Mansfield, 18, posted a defense of her mother on her Facebook page, insisting that her mother was "just a regular American woman who was misguided."

The woman's family says they have no idea what she was doing in Syria.

Mansfield converted to Islam while in her 20s and married a Muslim immigrant. The family says they never met the man and the two eventually divorced.