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Decolonization Discussions Slated for Western Guam

Guam delegates react as some delegates call for a roll call vote on the adoption of the rules during the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, July 18, 2016.

A community in western Guam will host a series of village discussions about the island's political relationship with the United States.

The Pacific Daily News reports that Adelup announced Wednesday that the government's Commission on Decolonization will hold meetings beginning next week to educate villagers about Guam's political options: becoming independent from the U.S., joining the nation as a state or vying for independence from the country.

The island's native Chamorro inhabitants are expected to vote on the issue in a non-binding referendum, but the vote has been delayed since 1998.

Gov. Eddie Calvo said earlier this year that he wanted to hold the vote along with the general election in November, but his plans for an aggressive education campaign never got off the ground and the commission delayed the referendum again.