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Details on Boston Manhunt from VOA's Carolyn Presutti

Police officers keep a man on the ground in Watertown, Massachusetts April 19, 2013 following the shooting of a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
VOA reporter Carolyn Presutti is in Boston, where police say one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead and another remains at large. She spoke with VOA's William Gallo about the massive manhunt going on in the Boston suburbs.
(Q) Tell me what we know so far -- I know it's a fluid situation and things are changing rapidly, but what is the latest?
(A) "Right now we know that one of the bombing suspects is dead, the other is at large. Suspect 1, as he was called -- the one wearing the black hat, has died. And the one with the white hat turned backwards, has escaped from police. And now there's a massive search in Watertown Massachusetts, which is about 15 minutes outside Boston."
(Q) How did this manhunt start?
(A) "This all started on the campus of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where a police officer was shot and killed. Then there was an armed car jacking. Police followed the car into Watertown. Residents tell us there were explosive devices that were detonated. There was a lot of gunfire. And eventually the first suspect was killed. The other suspect ran out of the car and away from police, and police think he is still in the neighborhood."
(Q) So there's obviously quite a police presence in Watertown at the moment. Describe what you're seeing there.
(A) "There is a massive police presence. We have seen the FBI, we've seen tactical teams, a bomb squad, we've seen search teams along with a dog, a helicopter. They are out in full force and they are on every corner."