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From Campaigning to Court: Trump Reports for Jury Duty

From Campaigning to Court: Trump Reports for Jury Duty
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From Campaigning to Court: Trump Reports for Jury Duty

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrived Monday at the New York Supreme Court as part of a pool of potential jurors for an upcoming trial. The flamboyant bussinessman currently leads opinion polls in the race for his party's presidential nomination, and it was a true Trump scene outside the New York courthouse.

It was like a rock star arrived. Hundreds of cameramen and reporters lined the path to the entrance of New York’s Supreme Court.

Trump walked up the steps like the true celebrity that he is, stopping to say a few words, signing an autograph here and there, and finally winding his way through the crush with State Supreme Court guards as ushers.

Several in the crowd of onlookers commented on Trump, his run for president, and his jury duty.

“I do not think I want him to be on my jury panel ... [laughs] ... because I think that he is persuasive in a negative way,” said one man who was watching.

“It is going to be a landslide. Get used to it America. America is going to be great again. Donald Trump, I am a veteran. I love you bro’ [brother]," said another man who looking on.

“I am from Italy, and I hope Donald Trump will be the next president of the U.S.A.,” said yet another who watched the real estate mogul walk into the courthouse.

Trump's driver, Eddie Diaz, had his view of his boss’ presidential run. “He is a great guy. I tell you he is going to make a great president. Hopefully. "

When Diaz was asked if he would continue to drive for him if he becomes president, he replied, “If he takes me with him to the White House, I am going [laughs]."

Monday's scene found Trump turning his jury summons into another campaign appearance.