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New Earthquakes in Ecuador Kill 1, Injure 85

People are seen gathered in a street minutes after a tremor was felt in Quito, Ecuador, May 18, 2016. Two earthquakes struck Ecuador's coast on Wednesday.

Two strong earthquakes shook the coast of Ecuador Wednesday in the same place where last month's quake killed hundreds.

President Rafael Correa says Wednesday's quakes killed one and injured 85.

A 6.8 magnitude quake struck early in the morning near the fishing village of Mompiche, followed by a 6.7 jolt in the afternoon north of the nearby town of Rosa Zarate.

Earthquake epicenter, near Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
Earthquake epicenter, near Rosa Zarate, Ecuador

Damage is minor and mostly occurred in buildings already damaged by the April quake.

That 7.8 magnitude quake was Ecuador's worst in more than 70 years, killing more than 650 and injuring nearly 13,000 people along the country’s Pacific coast.