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Egypt Begins Morsi Trial

Egypt has begun the trial of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, amid concern the proceedings could inflame the tensions that have plagued the country since the army deposed him in July.

He was in court Monday, making his first public appearance since being removed from office and detained in a secret location. The trial is being held at the same Cairo police academy where another ousted leader, Hosni Mubarak, has gone for prosecution.

Mr. Morsi is facing charges along with 14 other defendants accused of inciting murder and violence during clashes outside the presidential palace last December.

Security was heavy Monday as a large group of his supporters gathered outside the venue to protest what they say is an illegitimate trial. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has continually demanded that Mr. Morsi be reinstated as president.

The military removed Mr. Morsi from power on July 3, following protests by the opposition who accused him of trying to monopolize power and failing to fix the country's economy.

Since then, Egyptian authorities have cracked down on the Brotherhood, arresting much of the group's top leadership and clashing with those demonstrating against the interim government. More than 1,000 people, mostly Islamists, have been killed in the fighting.