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Egypt Deploys Troops to Suez

Egypt's armed forces deployed troops to the city of Suez, early Saturday, after at least six people died there in clashes between police and protestors Friday on the second anniversary of the revolt that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak.

Violence erupted across Egypt Friday in a day of nationwide protests marking the anniversary of the uprising. In addition to the six killed in Suez, another person was killed Friday in Ismailiya. The Health Ministry says more than 450 people were injured across the country.

President Mohamed Morsi has appealed for calm. In a post on his Twitter account Friday, Mr. Morsi urged Egyptians to "adhere to the values of the revolution, express opinions freely and peacefully, and renounce violence."

Egyptian news outlets late Friday reported government buildings were set on fire in Suez.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei sent a message on Twitter calling on protesters to "finally achieve the objectives of the revolution."

Earlier, in Cairo, thousands of protesters marched toward Tahrir Square, where police fired tear gas at stone-throwing demonstrators attempting to breach barriers that security forces had erected to protect government buildings.

On Thursday, President Morsi urged people to stay calm and mark the anniversary peacefully. The Muslim Brotherhood has announced it will not take part in celebrations or protests, but will instead launch a charity drive.