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Egyptian Presidential Hopeful Morsi Leads Pack

Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood, at his home in the Delta Village, Edwa, April 23, 2012
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was not his Islamist group's first choice for its presidential candidate. But he got the job when the Brotherhood's lead candidate was disqualified and then became a front-runner in a show of the group's political muscle.

During the campaign, Morsi delivered fiery speeches and vowed his presidency would be based on Islam but not be a theocracy.

Morsi was born in the Nile Delta in 1951 and received an engineering degree from Cairo University before earning a doctorate in the United States.

He has long been active in the Muslim Brotherhood. He was elected to parliament and later became a spokesman for the group.

He was arrested and jailed in 2006 for several months and again briefly at the start of Egypt's pro-democracy protests last year.

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