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Egypt General Calls for Quick Political Transition

Egypt's military chief, General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi (C), is seen in Cairo's Nasr City district in this September 20, 2013, file photo.
Egypt's military chief is calling for a quick government transition based on a political roadmap that envisions presidential elections by next year.

In comments Tuesday to soldiers and policemen, General Abdul Fatah al-Sissi urged Egyptians to speed up the transition to a more stable society.

Egypt's military took control of the government after deposing President Mohamed Morsi from power in July.

Millions of Egyptians had staged mass protests against Morsi, the country's first freely elected president, and accused him of consolidating power in Islamist hands and ruining the economy.

Military leaders installed supreme court judge Adly Mansour to take Morsi's place and form an interim government to lead Egypt until new elections aimed at restoring democratic civilian rule.

Since the overthrow of Morsi, at least 1,000 people, mostly Islamists, have been killed in a crackdown against militants and supporters of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.

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