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Egypt's Military Rulers Promise Presidential Election by November

General Mahmoud Shaheen, a member of the military council, speaks during a news conference at the military media center in Cairo, March 28, 2011

Egypt's military rulers say the first presidential election since an uprising that ousted president Hosni Mubarak last month will be held by November.

A member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that has ruled Egypt since Mubarak's ouster made the announcement at a news conference Wednesday.

General Mahmoud Shaheen says the presidential vote will be held in a month or two after parliamentary elections to be held in September.

General Shaheen also unveiled an interim constitution under which the Egyptian military has promised to rule until handing power to an elected president and parliament.

The constitution includes amendments aimed at ensuring the upcoming elections are competitive. Millions of Egyptians endorsed the amendments in a March 19 referendum.

The previous constitution enabled Mubarak and his ruling party to dominate elections and suppress the development of opposition parties for the duration of his nearly 30 years in power.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.