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8 Arrested for Barclays Cyber Theft

Customers wait outside a retail branch of Barclays Bank for the bank to open in London, Feb. 12, 2013.
British police say they have arrested a group of men who stole more than $2 million from Barclays bank by taking over a branch computer system.

Officials say the men, between the ages of 24 and 47, were arrested Thursday and Friday. They were charged with allegations of conspiracy to steal from Barclays and conspiracy to defraud British banks.

The men are accused of stealing the money in April with a hardware device that was attached to a computer at a Barclay's branch in London. Authorities say they believe the device was installed by a man who posed as an IT engineer.

British police foiled a similar plot last week at another bank, Santander, arresting several men accused of attempting to take control of a branch computer.

Barclays says it has recovered a significant amount of the stolen cash.