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8 Killed in Bombing in NE Kenya

Eight people were killed Tuesday in Kenya when the truck carrying them rolled over a land mine several miles from the Somalian border, police said.

"Four police officers and four children have been killed in an IED explosion in Lamu [county]," a police spokesperson said. Kenyan officials said the children were returning to school after Eid celebrations when the explosion occurred.

The attack is the second this month in northeast Kenya. On June 16, four police officers and one civilian died in a similar explosion. That attack followed two roadside bombings in May that were claimed by al-Shabab militants.

No group has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's bombing.

Across the border, al-Shabab is fighting to overthrow the Western-backed Somali government. Kenya is contributing troops to the African Union peacekeeping force, which is attempting to put down the insurgency.

The Islamist group has said it will continue to carry out attacks in Kenya until the country withdraws its troops from Somalia.