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Electricity Back On, NC Islands Ready for Tourists

FILE - People arrive at Cape Hatteras ferry terminal in North Carolina, Aug. 25, 2011. The ferry is the only access to Ocracoke Island, which along with Hatteras is welcoming tourists back now that electricity has been restored.

Businesses on two North Carolina islands are gearing up for the return of tourists after a weeklong power outage that struck at the height of summer tourism season.

Visitors will be allowed to return to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands at noon Friday.

Power was cut to both islands a week ago during a construction accident. Workers building a new bridge drove a steel casing into underground transmission lines.

An estimated 50,000 tourists were ordered to leave the islands. Power was restored Thursday.

The summer is a make-or-break season for local businesses and many close during the cold-weather months.

Robin Jennette is a manager at Conner’s Supermarket in Buxton on Hatteras Island. She says the grocery store is stocked and ready for tourists to return.