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E-mail Service Linked to Snowden Suspends Service website on August 9, 2013 shows a letter posted by Lavabit LLC owner Ladar Levison.
An encrypted e-mail service in the United States, believed to have been used by U.S. leaker Edward Snowden, has shut down in what appears to be response to pressure from the government.

The e-mail company Lavabit posted a message on its website saying the service is being suspended. Owner and operator Ladar Levison wrote in the message that he cannot share the reason because of U.S. laws against it. He said he had twice made "the appropriate requests" to share the information.

The message said the company has begun preparation for a court battle, and warned others against "anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States."

Before its suspension, Lavabit promised its users that all e-mail sent from its servers would be encrypted in such a way that the emails could only be read by providing the user's password.

A second service, known as Silent Circle, has since also suspended operations.