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City of Dublin Sends 500 Drones into Skies in Honor of St. Patrick

A display by Tourism Ireland entitled "Orchestra of Light" featuring a swarm of 500 drones is animated in the night sky above the Samuel Beckett bridge on the river Liffey for St Patrick's Day, as it is cancelled due to COVID-19, Dublin, March 7, 2021.

While COVID-19 restrictions shut down traditional St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin, Irish government and city officials prepared a spectacular show in the skies to observe the holiday.

Ireland’s national tourism organization, Tourism Ireland, along with the Dublin City Council and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, organized the light show, featuring 500 ultra-lightweight drones, which flew in formation in the sky spelling out a variety of greetings and shapes.

The event was recorded earlier this month, set to music and released Wednesday through the St. Patrick’s Day Festival website.

The three-minute video features the drones lighting up many of Dublin’s well-known landmarks, including the Samuel Beckett Bridge over the River Liffey.

While normal St Patrick's Day celebrations will be muted due to the coronavirus pandemic, 670 landmarks in 66 countries around the world will still be lit green to recognize the influence of Irish culture.